Year 7 and 8

At St Joseph’s Catholic School Onehunga we recognise that the needs of our Year 7 and 8 (intermediate level) students are unique.

We aim to provide a programme that allows students to have ownership of their learning and to feel an increased sense of responsibility and belonging to their school.  This is done through leadership opportunities, their contribution to school and opportunities offered to them, which differ from other years.

The Year 7 and 8 programme is designed around the needs of the students each year and, therefore. can look different from year to year.  However it retains our core beliefs of what Year 7 and 8 students need.

We have high expectations for our senior students in both academic and behavioural areas.  Our teaching staff have high levels of integrity and work hard to plan, assess and deliver interesting and effective programmes of learning.

What We Offer

Catholic Education

We are a community united and strengthened by our Catholic faith, which values each person in our community as being born in the image and likeness of God.

We have a strong sense of whanau at St Joseph’s and it is due to this that we are able to provide opportunities for all of our students to shine in our supportive, safe environment, where each child’s gifts are celebrated and the development of the whole child is promoted.

Leadership Opportunities

At St Joseph’s we place a high value on providing students with opportunities to develop important leadership attributions and positive relationships, which will help our girls in the future.

Being the senior students in a Year 0-8 school places our girls in the unique position of having a real and positive influence on the wellbeing of the younger students.  They play a significant part in maintaining and enhancing the positive culture of the school.

We encourage all of our students to use the gifts that God gave them and to contribute to the leadership of the school, taking up all the opportunities that they are given.

Service Opportunities

We value the opportunities for students to give service to others in selfless ways that will create positive change within our school and in the wider community.

Students have many opportunities to give back through their Inquiry learning and opportunities lined to our Mercy Charism.

Digital Devices

We provide a blended learning environment for our students. While many Intermediate schools ask for families to provide devices, we provide the devices for our learners. Each Year 7 and 8 student is provided with a chromebook while in class, with the opportunity for them to engage in ‘flipped learning’ during afterschool drop in sessions.